Vision Statement

Froebel’s aims to develop a teaching and learning community whose members are personally fulfilled, interdependent, socially responsible adults, able to thrive in a complex, interconnected, ever-changing world.

Mission Statement

Froebel’s is committed to developing lifelong learners with a strong moral fibre, instilling our core values of Build, Lead, Uplift and Excel (BLUE) in every member of our community through a well-rounded education in a safe, supportive and respectful environment.


We provide an optimum learning environment in each of our campuses.


The driving force behind any educational institution is its faculty. Froebel’s teachers believe not only in imparting subject knowledge but also in inculcating each student with the soft skills necessary to make them well-rounded and productive members of society.


Once a Froebelian, always a Froebelian! Thousands of our alumni have excelled and distinguished themselves in some of the world’s leading universities and in their workplaces.

About Us

Our Philosophy

Founded in 1975 with 10 students, 4 teachers and a vision: to provide students with the academic and personal skills to be who are able to positively contribute to society and whichever professional field they choose.


Froebel’s Centre for Professional Development (CPD) imparts a quality and effective in-house training programme that facilitates its teachers across all campuses for ongoing learning and provides face to face and online opportunities for reflection of their teaching practices.

Campus Support

Professionals that support a campus head academically and administratively for quality assurance and student as well as parent satisfaction.


Admission to Froebel's International School is open to students who display the potential to benefit from its programme of studies, and is subject to the availability of seats.
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  • “We would like to express gratitude to Froebel’s for offering such a great environment for kids with so many activities and a wonderful faculty. I would gladly recommend Froebel’s to other parents who would like to choose something special for their children.”

    Meshal Fahad Aldayel
    Parent of Fahad Meshal Aldayel (3 F) Faris Meshal Aldayel (2 M) and Noora Meshal Aldayel (Prep 1)
  • "With sincere appreciation, we would like to thank you for all the effort you put into our kids’ lives for their betterment."

    Arsalan and Sana
    Parent of Mahad Bin Arsalan (KG 1)
  • "Fun-filled activities with studies at Froebel’s has added a rich experience to the life of my children.”

    Mrs. Nadia Amin
    Parent of Murad Moeen Afzal (5 M) and Maroof Moeen Afzal (3 M)
  • "Froebel’s shaped the personalities of my kids in a way that now they have become more confident and clear about their goals. Every single student gets ample opportunities to take part in like sports, debates, HOPE society etc providing them with a chance to come out of their shells and discover their hidden talents and strengths. The availability of round the clock counselors is always a plus as students feel secure and know who they can go to discuss their academic as well as other issues.”

    Dr. Sadaf Taqvi
    Syed Fasih-Ul-Hassan Taqvi (9 B) and Syed Shabih-Ul-Hassan Taqvi (8 S)


For your convenience, fee vouchers are now payable online using your VISA or MasterCard credit/debit card issued by any bank in Pakistan. Please ensure your bank has enabled your credit/debit card for online payments.