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Campus Life

Societies and Activities

Student societies are independent and are run by students. All students are encouraged to be part of at least one society as they then have the opportunity to develop their organisational, communicative and social skills which complement their academic curriculum. The student societies at Froebel’s are:

Art Society
MUN Society
Social Work Society
Debates Society
Music Society
Sports Society
Drama Society
Peer Teaching Society
Student Council

Around the year students from Froebel’s participate in international events. Each competition has its own structure. Some have their qualifications round held in Pakistan as for others students have to be shortlisted on the bases of their academics or sports performances. Students from all parts of the world compete with each other at these global events and Froebelians continue to win laurels at such platforms.

The first ever round of the World Scholar’s Cup was held in Lahore in February, 2016 where Froebel’s qualified for the regional round in Bangkok. The event is part of an international event held every year in more than forty countries. Froebel’s Civil Lines, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad Campuses participated. Shehreen Muneeb was declared overall Best Scholar in the Junior Division. The students won an impressive 46 gold and 27 silver medals. Dua Shahid won the subject award for English Literature.

Froebel’s has partnered up with George Washington Middle School in Alexandria, Virginia USA, a collaboration as part of the Global Nomads Group (GNG) organisation. GNG fosters dialogue and understanding among the world’s youth through technology and virtual exchanges to promote empathy, peace and build 21st century workforce skills.

Islamabad Campus students awarded Best New Delegation at Yale Model Government Europe held in Budapest, Hungary from 26-29 November, 2015. Fifteen students from Upper Secondary attended a simulation of the European Union at the highest political levels and bagged Best New Delegation Award in recognition of each member’s endeavors and excellence in diplomacy and debate. A2 student Sherkan Malik won further accolades by getting the Outstanding Delegate Award.

Harvard Model Congress Europe (HMCE) has been providing a platform for students to debate policies through legislative action, executive order, international resolution, and judicial review. In 2015 students from all over the world participated under the theme of ‘Everyone Matters: Government Should Encompass All Voices’ at the conference held in Madrid, Spain. With three days of extensive background research, intensive debates and resolutions, Upper Secondary students of Froebel’s Islamabad and Rawalpindi campuses won 3 Excellency and 2 Honorary Mentions awards.

The summer soccer camp held at Bobby Charlton UK is the first of its kind in the UK. In addition to the sport skills, the camp offers English Language classes and has a strong mentorship programmes that helps each participant realise their capabilities and use them as strengths. Nine students from Froebel’s Islamabad Campus spent a week of rigorous training in the summer vacations of 2015 where they learnt techniques to apply themselves on and off the field.

Community Service

Students are encouraged to step outside of their familiar environments and expand their horizons, strengthen their senses of civic engagement and nationalism. Through this they can broaden their educational, developmental and social goals. They benefit from their volunteering by building on their leadership, communication, and decision-making skills. It also helps them develop academically by being able to integrate their learning experiences with practical experiences. Students raise funds through bake sales, food festivals and concerts to support local charities and help out during the tough times of the nation.



Classroom is the backbone of any school’s physical infrastructure. Preschoolers thrive in an environment where teacher engagement is through activities where as in senior classes it is through frequent discussions. Our classrooms provide all students the setting to acquire knowledge at optimal levels.


Libraries are a counterpart to classroom learning. In our libraries the Early Years are introduced to concept of reading and it is here that many of our Primary Learners make friends for life. Campus Libraries are well equipped with educational resources including varied selection of novelsliterary texts, periodicals, research articles, biographies and historical texts.

Computer Lab

The computer laboratories are frequented by students and faculty alike. Some classes are scheduled in the lab to work on assignments and conduct research. The labs are equipped with the latest technology and learning softwares are available for all years.

Arts and Crafts Room

Using age appropriate techniques, art and craft is taught to students as a mandatory subject till year 8. The art rooms on our campuses are well lit and fully equipped with relevant supplies. The layout is also such that each student is well accommodated and has ample space to work comfortably.

Music Room

It is here that students are given performing arts education. The Music Rooms house all the required instruments as well as high quality sound systems. Specialised instructors have been engaged to ensure that students realise their potential and are encouraged under professional guidance.


Sports and games play vital roles in education that they cannot be totally dispensed with. Froebel’s has an eye on the total development of children and thus houses outdoor playing fields such as a basketball court, a swimming pool, a football field and a tennis court.

Further details can be obtained on facilities offered at each campus.


The cafeteria is operational from 08.30 a.m. to 03.00 p.m. every day. Nutritious and healthy snacks are available to students at affordable prices. In case after school activities are scheduled, arrangements are made for the cafeteria to stay open.


All students (from KG to A Level ) are required to be uniform. Basic articles of the uniform are available from approved uniform stores (list available from the Administrative Coordinator’s Office). Items with the Froebel’s logo are only available from the Student Store. Students will not be allowed to wear their own clothes of similar colours and styles.
Summer uniform: April 1 to September 30
Winter uniform: October 1 to March 31

Blue polo shirt - Summer
White buttoned down shirt and a tie
Navy blue sweater/ Froebel’s sweatshirt/ blazer with school logo - Winter
Light grey long trousers
Light grey shorts (KG to Year 3)
White socks
Black rubber-soled shoes

Light grey skort (KG to Year 3)
White shalwar kameez with navy blue dupatta/sash
Navy blue sweater/ Froebel’s sweatshirt/ blazer with school logo- Winter
Grey leggings - Winter
White socks- Summer
Black rubber-soled shoes

Froebel’s sports uniforms are available on campus for purchase. When participating in the Sports Day and/or inter-school and intra-school sports competitions, students are required to be in sports uniform.

On special occasions a dress uniform is required. This consists of the white button front shirt, tie and the long trousers for boys. Girls will wear their regular uniform.